Abeliowicz Lew

Lew Abeliowicz - Personal data
Date of birth: 6th January 1912
Place of birth: Wilno
Date of death: 1985
Occupation: kompozytor
Related towns: Warsaw, Mińsk, Moskwa

Abeliovich Leo (6 January 1912, Vilnius – 1985 ?) – composer.

Abeliovich studied music in the years 1936–1939 under Zbigniew Drzewiecki and Kazimierz Sikorski at the State Music Conservatory in Warsaw. In 1939, he fled to Minsk and continued his musical studies under Vasily Zolotarev at the local conservatory. He completed his studies in composing in the years 1944–1946 under the direction of Nikolai Myaskovsky in Moscow. After the war, he stayed in Belarus. He composed orchestral works, including four symphonies, Heroic Poem (1957), and chamber and vocal works.


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