Abraham Majmuni -

- Abraham Majmuni - Personal data
Date of birth: 1186
Place of birth: Kair
Date of death: 1237
Place of death: Kair

Abraham Maimuni, Abraham Ben Moshe Ben Maimon (1186, Cairo – 1237, Cairo) – son of Maimonides, he became the leader of the Jewish community in Egypt after his father’s passing and developed his philosophical work.

Prompted by the dispute over Maimonides’ rationalism in northern Spain in the years 1232–1235, Abraham Maimuni wrote Milhamoth ha-Shem [“Wars of the Lord”], an apology of his father’s rationalism. He was the author of many exegetic and halakhic works. He expressed his theological views in Kifayah al-Abidin [“A Comprehensive Guide for the Servants of God”]. He supported the mysticism of Islamic Sufis, considered Prophet Elijah to be the most important example of the Sufi way of life, and believed that the ultimate goal of human life was to reject worldly objects and to observe a strictly ascetic way of living, allowing individuals to achieve unity with God.


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