Abrahamson Natan

Natan Abrahamson - Personal data
Date of birth: 1870
Place of death: New York
Occupation: singer, choir conductor
Related towns: Vilnius, New York

Abrahamson Natan (Abramson Nathan) (1870 ? – ? New York) – singer, choir conductor.

He was the son of Eliasz, a cantor. He learned his trade singing in the choirs conducted by J. Altszul “Słonimer” and Rafał Judel Rabinowicz. For some time, he worked as choir conductor for cantor A.M. Bernstein and cantor Gerszon Sirota in the Vilnius Choral Synagogue, and later for cantor Sirota in the Great Synagogue. In 1903, he migrated to the United States and became the senior cantor of the People’s Synagogue in New York. He was also the head of the school of cantors. In 1917, he became president of the Jewish Ministers Cantors Association of America (JMCA).


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