Cejtlin Lejb Leo

Lejb Leo Cejtlin - Personal data
Date of birth: 14th March 1881
Place of birth: Pińsk
Date of death: 8th August 1930
Place of death:
Related towns: Vilnius

Zeitlin Leib Leo (14 March 1881, Pinsk – 8 July 1930, New York) – conductor, composer.

He started to learn the violin in Pinsk and later studied at the Music School of the Imperial Russian Musical Society in Odessa under Emil Młynarski. He continued his studies under Nikolai Galkin and started to learn music theory under Juliusz Johansen at the Conservatory in St. Petersburg. In the years 1917–1920, he was a professor of music theory at a music school in Yekaterinoslav, where he founded a symphony orchestra and opera and worked as their director and conductor. He came to Vilnius in 1920. He performed as a conductor in the Jewish Theatre in Vilnius. He also conducted public concerts of Jewish, symphonic, and folk music. He migrated to the United States in 1923.


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