Abramowicz Szymon

Szymon Abramowicz - Personal data
Date of birth: 1913
Place of birth: Częstochowa
Date of death: 6th January 1944
Place of death: Czech
Occupation: communist

Szymon Abramowicz, born Chaim Sumer (1913, Częstochowa – 1944, Czech) – communist, prisoner of the Częstochowa Ghetto, member of the Jewish Combat Organisation.

He was born into a bourgeois Jewish family. He attended a Jewish lower secondary school in Częstochowa. He started to be active in various communist organisations in 1932. Initially, he joined the Communist Union of Polish Youth, and then became a member of the Communist Party of Poland. In 1932, he was arrested and sentenced to one year’s imprisonment. In 1936, he became a member of the District Committee of the Communist Union of Polish Youth in Częstochowa.

During World War II, he lived in the Częstochowa Ghetto, becoming the deputy commander of the local unit of the Jewish Combat Organisation at the end of 1942. On 3 June 1943, after the attack of German troops on the Organisation’s munition warehouse, Abramowicz escaped and joined the partisan unit of the Józef Bem People’s Guard. He died at dawn on 6 January 1944, while taking part in fights against the German military police in the village of Czech[1.1].

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