Caro Jecheskiel

Jecheskiel Caro - Personal data
Date of birth: 1844
Place of birth: Pniewy
Date of death: 1915
Place of death: Wiedeń
Occupation: rabin; nauczyciel; radny
Related towns: Wrocław, Lviv, Łódź, Tczew, Heidelberg

Caro Jecheskiel – was the rabbi of the progressive synagogue, a historian, councilman of the city of Lwów.

He graduated form the University of Wrocław, Faculty of Oriental Studies and the Jewish Talmudic Seminary situated also in Wrocław. He obtained a Ph.D. in Heidelberg. Since 1891, he held the position of a rabbi in the Tempel Synagogue and since 1898 he was the kehilla rabbi. In 1898, in connection with the famous trial of Hilsner (a Jew accused of murdering a Christian girl for ritual purposes), Caro took a ceremonial oath which cleared the Jews of the accusation that they used Christian blood during rituals. He argued with Aleksander Czołowski about the matter in the articles appearing in the Lwów press. He was the author of the Jewish religio n syllabus for people’s, faculty and secondary schools as well as of “Chrestomatia biblijna ze słownikiem hebrajsko-polskim”. Since 1902, he managed the Lwów Institute for Jewish Religion Teachers Training. The findings of his research on the history of the Jews from Lwów were published in his work titled “Geschichte der Juden In Lemberg von den ältesten Zeiten bis zur ersten Teilung Polens im J. 1792“.

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