Goldman Bernard

Bernard Goldman - Personal data
Date of birth: 20th February 1841
Place of birth: Warszawa
Date of death: 23rd March 1901
Place of death: Lwów
Occupation: prawnik; radny
Related towns: Warsaw, Lviv, Heidelberg

He was a lawyer, assimilation activist and participant of the 1863 Uprising. After his studies in the Rabbinical School and Medical and Surgical Academy he took part in patriotic demonstrations in 1962 and the January Uprising. When the uprising collapsed, he obtained a Ph.D. in Law in Heidelberg. From 1870 he ran a salon for the local intellectual elite. In 1876 he was elected to the Land State Sejm (Sejm Krajowy) and was active in the Lwów City Council, School Board as well as was a member of the Jewish Kehilla Board. He tried to combat the influences of the pro-German orientation in the Jewish circles in Lwów and promoted the Polish-Jewish education through creating reading rooms in kindergartens as well as through setting up elementary schools and youth groups.

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