Abkin Eliasz

Eliasz Abkin - Personal data
Date of birth: 15th February 1865
Place of birth: Płock
Date of death: 1937
Place of death: Łódź
Occupation: drukarz

Abkin Eliasz (15 February 1865, Płock – 1937, Łódź) – printer.

In 1891, Abkin received a concession to open a lithography workshop at 20 Cegielniana Street in Łódź. A year later, after purchasing a new press, he moved the workshop to 92 Piotrkowska Street. He also obtained permission to open a second printing house at 117 Piotrkowska Street. He almost exclusively printed ephemera. The only book publication was the 1897 Report of the Association for Mutual Assistance to Teachers of the Jewish Faith and another Report for the years 1898–1899 published in 1899. In 1913, Abkin’s printing houses were closed down.

Abkin died in 1937 and was buried at the Jewish cemetery at Bracka Street in Łódź.


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