Chęcińska Szajna Sara

Szajna Sara Chęcińska - Personal data
Date of birth: 19th October 1923
Place of birth: Łódź
Date of death: April 1945
Occupation: youth activist
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Chęcińska Szajna Sara (19 October 1923, Łódź – April 1945, Stutthof) – youth activist.

Szajna Sara Chęcińska came from a Hasidic family from Łódź. She went to a secular public elementary school, and later enrolled into Józef Ab’s secondary school. She received religious education at home. After the outbreak of World War II, she stayed in Łódź and later resided in the ghetto. She belonged to the illegal Zionist organisation Chazit Dor Bnei Midbar (Hebrew: “Front of the Generation of the Sons of the Desert”)[1.1]. Szajna Sara was involved in teaching and later provided aid to the sick. She lost her parents in 1942. She organised food for hiding Jews and for people deported by the Germans. At the end of August 1944, she was transported to Auschwitz and then to the Stutthof camp. She died during the evacuation of the camp in April 1945.


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  • [1.1] The organisation dealt with preparing young people for moving into a kibbutz in Palestine.
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