Orgler Julius

Julius Orgler - Personal data
Date of death: 25th April 1902
Place of death: Poznań
Occupation: radca sądowy
Related towns: Milicz

Orgler Julius was born in Poznań (Posen) in 1829. He was a counselor in the Prussian judicature (Justizrat) and a community’s politician. From 1873, he was a member of the town parliament. Orgler was one of the first Jewish lawyers accepted to the Prussian Civil Service. As a government’s counselor (Regierungsrat) he was transferred to Milicz, a district town located in Dolny Śląsk (Lower Silesia) and 2 years later to Poznań. In 1879, due to his being very successful and highly respected, he was chosen a member of a Law Society in Poznań ((Posener Anwaltskammer), and he became its leader in 1894.

Orgler was a member of the town council for 28 years. After he retired from the post of its leader, he received honorary citizenship of Poznań and the title of a honorary secret counselor in judicature (Geheimer Justizrat). Julius Orgler died on April 25, 1902, in Poznań[1.1].




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