Abramowicz Aaron Łazarowicz

Aaron Łazarowicz Abramowicz - Personal data
Date of birth: 1908
Place of birth: Smorgonie
Date of death: 2002
Place of death: Tel Aviv
Occupation: constructor, inventor, rationaliser, historian.
Related towns: Petersburg

Abramovich Aaron Lazarovich (1908, Smorgon – 2002, Tel Aviv?) – constructor, inventor, rationaliser, historian.

In 1935, three days before the planned defence of his diploma at the Kharkiv Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering Institute, he was arrested and sentenced to three years of forced labour. He regained his freedom in January 1939. During World War II, he worked in an armaments factory. After the war, he was the head of the Construction and Assembly Works Management Board in Leningrad. He was rehabilitated in 1959. A year later, in 1960, he left for Israel to work as a senior constructor. He took part in the construction of the first Israeli airplane, the Arava. In 1971, he was awarded the first prize for inventors and rationalisers. He authored a two-volume book on war (1981, 1992) and 160 articles on the participation of Jews in the fight against Nazism[1.1]



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