Caro Carl

Carl Caro - Personal data
Date of birth: 1850
Place of birth: Wrocław
Date of death: 1884
Place of death:
Related towns:

Caro Carl (1850, Wrocław – 1884, Vienna) – German poet and playwright of Jewish descent.

He was born into a multigenerational family of Sephardi Jews as the son of Robert, a trade counsellor and industrialist (1819–1875). He graduated from the Mary Magdalene Secondary School in Wrocław and completed his Master’s and PhD studies in law at the universities in Heidelberg, Strasbourg, and Wrocław. After graduation, he worked at the Municipal Court in Wrocław and then at the Imperial Court of Justice in Strasbourg. In 1876, he decided to end his legal career and devoted himself to literary work. In 1877, he settled in Vienna. He is the author of several comedies and dramas, most prominently Conradine (1876) and Die Burgruine (German: “Castle Ruins,” 1883).

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