„ABC” – informative and political journal, published in Warsaw between 1926 and 1939. Edited by Stanisław Strzetelski, published by Jerzy Zdziechowski and Eryk Kurnatowski. The journal adopted the motto: aktualne, bezpartyjne, ciekawe (English: current, independent, interesting – the first letters formed the title). It was modeled on popular journals and, among other things: interviews, surveys, court chronicles; the first column contained only news and photographs. Low-cost provincial variations (1931 – 14 variations). A popular, high-level evening paper was the “Wieczór Warszawski” (English: “Evening of Warsaw”, with an initial circulation of around 35,000 copies). Informal agency of the National Party (Stronnictwo Narodowe). The journal’s agenda was anti-Semitic. From 1934, it was connected with the National Radical Camp (ONR), when volume, circulation (20,000 copies) and number of variations (1937 – 2) were reduced. The journal published a weekly supplement of literary and artistic content (from 1932, “ABC Literacko-Artystyczne”), edited by Stanisław Piasecki, later turned into the socio-cultural weekly journal, “Prosto z mostu”, the editors-in chief of which were Wojciech Zalewski, Piasecki and Tadeusz Gluziński.

The content of this entry has been prepared on the basis of the source materials of the Polish Scientific Publishers PWN.

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