Agudath Achim

Agudath Achim (Yiddish, from Hebrew Agudat Ahim = Association of Brothers) – Jewish assimilationist association in Galicia, founded in Lviv in 1882; it promoted pro-Polish direction of assimilation as a solution to Jewish issues; it conducted educational activities, established reading rooms and children’s and youth schools, the so-called goldmanówki (“Goldman schools”); in the early 1890s, its activities reached ca. 10,000 people. In the face of the development of nationalist movements (Zionism, national democracy, modern anti-Semitism), its supporters started to gradually lose their influence; it operated until 1892; its press organ was the Ojczyzna magazine (editors N. Loewenstein, W. Feldman); the chairman of the Agudath Achim was B. Goldman.

The entry was written on the basis of source materials of the PWN printing house.


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