„Aneks”, a political quarterly, issued between 1973 and 1989, initially by a Polish scientific circle at the University Uppsala, then by the London publishing house Aneks. Its editors-in-chief were A. and E. Smolar. The journal became the only significant body of the 1968 emigration wave, and its primary purpose was to translate and promulgate political literature which was unavailable in the country. A large group of authors of the new emigration were gathered around “Annex”, including: L. Kołakowski, A. Tarn, Z. Bauman, S. Gomułka. Later, contacts with representatives of the national opposition were also established — S. Barańczak, A. Michnik and J. Kuroń, among others, wrote for the journal. The cooperation with the opposition also changed the nature of the journal, which was transformed from an almanac of texts dealing with political, social and economic issues into a platform of lively discussions, commenting on events in Poland and the Soviet bloc (e.g. the block of text at no. 46/47 was dedicated to the prospect for the reunification of Germany was dedicated). Marginally , also texts devoted to problematic aspects of literature appeared on the pages of “Annex”. From 1975, book publications were coming out in the publishing house “Aneks”.

The content of this entry has been prepared on the basis of the source materials of the Polish Scientific Publishers PWN.

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