Founding of Israel

Founding of Israel: from 1917 Palestine was under the administration of the British Mandate. Also in 1917 was created The Balfour Declaration, which announced founding of a Jewish national home in Palestine. During the whole interwar period lasted Jewish immigration to Palestine and it caused increase of conflicts between local Arabs and Jews. On the other hand immigration limitations introduced by Great Britain were provoking rising opposition towards mandatory authorities. During the first years after World War II in Palestine terrorist attempts were multiplying, this attacks were supposed to force Great Britain to recognize rights of Jews to their own country. This aspirations were arousing hostile reaction of Palestinian Arabs and Arabs countries. In February 1947 British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin handed over administration of Palestine to the United Nations Organization. UN decided to divide Palestine into a Jewish part and an Arab part and to found independent Jewish state. On 14th May 1948 David Ben Gurion proclaimed founding of the State of Israel. It was immediately recognized by The United States of America and The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The following day armies of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon attacked Israel and started the war that lasted with pauses until the beginnings of 1949 and ended with cease-fire.

The term was created within the framework of the project Zapisywanie świata żydowskiego w Polsce [recording the Jewish environment in Poland], whose author is Anka Grupińska, a well-known Polish journalist and writer, specializing in the modern history of the Polish Jews. The project, initiated in 2006 by the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, consists in recording interviews with Polish Jews from all generations.
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