Jews in the British army

Jews in the British army: the Palestine residents voluntarily joined the British army, which admitted 85,000 of men and 54,000 of women. Since the beginning of the war, Chaim Weizmann, the chairman of the World Zionist Organisation, opted for the formation of Jewish brigade in the British army. Jewish brigade, which had its own uniforms and flag, was not formed sooner than in September 1944. It was commanded by Ernest Benjamin. In the February 1945, it was sent to Europe, to the Italian front at the Senio river. The Jewish brigade was incorporated into the 8th British Army. After the end of military operations, it was sent at the border of Italy, Austria and Yugoslavia, where it transferred Jews, who survived the extermination, to Palestine. It was dissolved in February 1946.

The term was created within the framework of the project Zapisywanie świata żydowskiego w Polsce [recording the Jewish environment in Poland], whose author is Anka Grupińska, a well-known Polish journalist and writer, specializing in the modern history of the Polish Jews. The project, initiated in 2006 by the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, consists in recording interviews with Polish Jews from all generations.
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