Towarzystwo Społeczno-Kulturalne Żydów w Polsce

The Social and Cultural Association of Jews – TSKŻ (Towarzystwo Społeczno-Kulturalne Żydów w Polsce): an organization bringing together the Polish Jews, between 1950 and 1951 it was their sole representative office. It was established in 1950 due to the merger of the Central Committee of Jews in Poland with the Jewish Association for Culture and Art. The charter of the organization says that its goal is to develop, preserve and popularize the Jewish culture. Until 1968 the society was the owner of the “Yiddish Bukh”– the largest company publishing in Yiddish in the world at that time – and the magazines: “Folks Shtime” and “Yiddishe Shriftn”, which had 5,000 subscribers. In 1956 TSKŻ had 12,500 members in 30 regional branches, to which attached were Jewish libraries and clubs. The downfall of its activity was caused by an anti-Zionist witch-hunt and the mass emigration of Jews from Poland in 1968. At present TSKŻ has 17 branches and 2,000 members. It issues a bilingual, Polish and Jewish magazine “Dos Yiddishe Vort – Słowo Żydowskie” (The Jewish Word), organizes cultural events, as well as welfare and health programs for its members, usually elderly people.

The term was created within the framework of the project Zapisywanie świata żydowskiego w Polsce [recording the Jewish environment in Poland], whose author is Anka Grupińska, a well-known Polish journalist and writer, specializing in the modern history of the Polish Jews. The project, initiated in 2006 by the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, consists in recording interviews with Polish Jews from all generations.
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