Amiel Irit

Irit Amiel - Personal data
Date of birth: 1931
Place of birth: Częstochowa
Occupation: poet, writer, translator
Related towns: Częstochowa, Tel Awiw-Jafa

Amiel Irit, born Irena Librowicz (b. 1931, Częstochowa – 16.02.2021 Israel) – Israeli poet, writer, and translator.

She was born into a polonised Jewish family, as the daughter of Leon Librowicz and Jentla née Hasenfeld. During World War II, Amiel lived in the Częstochowa Ghetto, from which she eventually escaped. She survived the war thanks to obtaining the so-called Aryan papers and receiving help from Poles. Her family died in the Nazi German extermination camp Treblinka II. In 1947, encouraged by “Antek” Cukierman, Amiel illegally migrated to Palestine. She now lives in Tel Aviv.

Nearly forty years after moving to today’s Israel, she made her debut as a writer. In her work, Amiel touches upon the subject of the Holocaust. Her first published work was the volume Examination from the Holocaust (1994), issued in Polish and Hebrew the same year. Three volumes of her poems have been published in Poland. She also wrote Scorched, a collection of short stories devoted to the issue of Holocaust, which in 2000 was nominated for the Nike Literary Award. In 2008, she published another volume of prose, titled Double Countryside. Apart from original writing, she also translates from Polish into Hebrew and vice versa. She has translated works by Marek Hłasko, Henryk Grynberg, Hanna Krall, and Wisława Szymborska. She has also translated poems by contemporary Israeli poets from Hebrew into Polish and published them in her own anthology.


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