Dawid ben Samuel ha-Lewi -

- Dawid ben Samuel ha-Lewi - Personal data
Date of birth: ca. / around 1586
Place of birth: Włodzimierz
Date of death: 1st January 1667
Place of death: Lwów
Occupation: rabin
Related towns: Lublin, Lviv, Poznań, Potylicz, Ostroh

Since 1652 he served as a rabbi in Lwów and was the Russian-Podole-Bracławice land rabbi and the principal of the Lwów yeshiva. He was a noted commentator and author of responses concerning rituals. Some of his decrees, as a result of the laws issued by the Council of Four Lands in 1683, were valid even in the subsequent centuries. He became most famous thanks to his work entitled Ture(j) zahaw, which constituted a commentary on the particular treatises written by Szulchan Aruch and which was later published along with the text whose author was Józef Karo. At the end of his life he suffered gravely during the Lwów siege in 1655 and became inclined towards some mystical tendencies making his son and son-in-law to go to Sabataja Cwi to confirm the information about the new Messiah. Although his brother Izaak obtained Talmudic education he achieved fame as a poet and scholar and the author of glorious psalms used in Shabbat liturgy and printed prayer books.

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