The village was established in 14th century. It was granted city privileges in 1389. A property of Orzechowscy, Stadniccy i Krasiccy. It was a Court Provision Center. In 1772-1918 under the dominion of Austria. It was deprived of its town privileges in 1880. On September 13, 1939 battles between the 11th Polish Infantry Division with the 17th corps of German troops. During the Nazi occupation in 1942-44 a conspiracy centre of the Home Army. In 1944-46 battles with the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. In 1944-45 deportations of Poles by the NKVD into USSR. 1944-46 a place where the anti-communist partisan was active. In September 1939, and then in the aftermath of battles with the Ukrainian Insurgent Army the village was destroyed. A Baroque parish church of the Birth of the Virgin Mary (1625, a thorough conversion before 1760), bell tower (end of 18th c.), a manor house (17th c. and conversion in 19th c. and in 1928). An old Greek catholic Orthodox church of the Birth of the Virgin Mary (1841, renovated 1911). Nearby Krzywcza, a landscape park of Pogórze Przemyski, a forest reserve Brzoza Czarna in Reczpole.