First references to Jewish settlements in the town date back to 1321. However, there is no information about the presence of Jews in Choszczno during the subsequent centuries. The formal Jewish Community in Choszczno was probably established at the beginning of the 18th century and it totaled over 200 members ca.1880. However, the spread of anti-Semitism resulted in the attacks on the local Jewish community already in 1890s.

The attacks increased after the Nazis had taken the power in 1933. At that time, the city was inhabited by less than 120 Jews. At the time of the Second World War outbreak, there were 40 Jews in Choszczno, yet their fate remains unknown.

The Jewish community in Choszczno owned its own synagogue. The building was destroyed by fire during the so-called "Kristallnacht" in 1938, however, it had been desecrated even earlier by the German Sturmabteilung troops (SA)[[ref.:|K.D. Alicke, Lexikon der jüdischen Gemeinden im deutschen Sprachraum, Munich 2008.]].


Bibliographic Note:

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