To build a road near today’s health center as well as other roads (e.g. the one in the direction to the village of Strumiany), the Germans used Jews from the labor camp in Borek situated near an old school, in the storerooms at the rear of the premises on 25b Rynek (Marketplace). About 30-40 Jewish prisoners were kept in there. Mrs Regina Kozłowska recalls that the Jews lived in dismal conditions; that they would put out their hands through the bars asking for food. And people did help them, brought what they could.

According to the accounts, they slept on plank beds in overcrowded rooms. Food rations were too meager for the working people to survive. There were no Borek Jews in the camp, but people from other regions, such as Koło, were brought here to work. It has not been determined how long the labor camp operated and the prisoners were probably sent to larger concentration camps created in Polish territories.


Translated by Katarzyna Czoków