Traces of settlement beginning in the Bronze Age, especially in the period of Sorbian culture; between the 7th and 9th c. a settlement, in the 15th c. a king’s village, mentioned in 1439, later ownership of the Chapter of Sandomierz; during the Swedish Invasion of 1655 a victorious battle of the Polish army commanded by S. Czarniecki with the Swedes; 1772-1918 under Austrian partition; establishment of glass- and ironworks in the 19th c.; a town from 1896; a railway link from 1900; city charter in 1933. During the German occupation of 1939-44 numerous pacifications in the area; region of partisan activity of the Home Army (AK), Polish Peasants’ Battalions (BCh), National Military Organization-National Armed Forces (NOW-NSZ) and the Soviets; 1944-45 members of Polish independence organizations arrested and deported further into the USSR; 1944-52 activity of anti-communist organizations in Nisko and its neighbourhood, among others, Freedom and Independence (WiN). A county seat between the mid-19th c. and 1973, and since 1999.

The entry was prepared on the basis of source materials of PWN (Polish Scientific Publishers).