Kępno, as a town, was first mentioned at the turn of 1282 and 1283. The town was located under German law. Initially, it was governed by a king., but in 1365 it became private property. Competition with the nearby town  Baranow and the devastating Tatar invasions led the town to its downfall and deprivation of  town rights. Kępno recovered in the 17th century. At the turn of 1660 and 1661 it was granted town rights again. As a result of the Second Partition of Poland in 1793, it was taken over by Prussia. Between 1807-1815 Kepno belonged to the Duchy of Warsaw. The 19th century brought dynamic economic, spatial and architectural development to town. After World War I, Kepno was incorporated back into Poland, and established as county seat. At the outbreak of World WarII on 1st September 1939, Kępno, being a border town, was occupied by the German Army. The occupation lasted until 1945. In 1975-1998 the town administratively belonged to the Kalisz Province. The county of Kepno was restored on the 1st January 1990. At present (2008), the population of Kepno amounts to approximately 15,000 people[1.1].


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