A severely destroyed, partially fenced cemetery of an area of 0.27 ha, established in the 16th century and with pieces of broken gravestones has survived. Since 1994 cleaning has been carried out in the cemetery. It was fenced and shrubs were cut out revealing some matzevas. An ohel was built over a grave of a rabbi Salomon Lejb Weichselbaum. In 2004 during earthworks in the town tens of matzevas and their pieces were found and brought to the cemetery. According to the locals, the father of a tzadik Elimelech from Leżajsk is buried on the cemetery, but it seems unlikely.
Another Jewish cemetery has an area of 0.03 ha. and was established before 1831. It is located the outskirts of Niwa. Jews who died of cholera, smallpox and typhoid were buried there. There are no gravestones on the cemetery.