8 km south from Świdwin, a little village of Rzepczyno (Repzin) was located. In 1901 the German – Israelite Union of the Communities (Deutsch-Israelitischer Gemeindebund) decided to establish the Educational Institution („Fürsorge- und Erziehungsanstalt”), designed for the convicted Jewish minors, aged between 14 and 18. It was located on the plot of land sized 7,3 ha, which was bought with the funds, coming mainly from the private donors. That is the reason why, very often, next to the name of the institution it said: „Foundation of Eugene and Amalie Rosenstiel” („Eugen und Amalie Rosenstiel Stiftung”). The value of the property was estimated for 28.060 marks, and few years later, 50.000 marks. The pensioners of the institution were coming from the whole country, however majority was from Berlin. School board was located there, which members are listed in the book. In 1907, there were about 20 young people there, and between 1910 and 1911 the numbers grew up to 37. From the 1st of October 1911, the institution had already 60 places available. Two years later, 47 places were occupied. The information regarding the financial situation of the institution and its workers, can be found in a book. [1.1]. When the 1st World War started, some of the pensioners expressed a will to join the army. The list of those five, who died, including dates, and names of their units, can be found in a book. [1.2]. None of those boys was 19 in the time of death. The institution was closed in 1927, since it was decided to relocate it to the more convenient place, the outskirts of Berlin. The building in Rzepczyn was renovated, and used as the old age home, for the elderly and sick people, with capacity of accommodating 70 people. Moreover, the institution for lung diseases was located there, offering 29 beds. The building was a property of the Białogrodzki District.

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