The first historical notes of Turbin as a royal village date back to 1389. The origins of the town date back to a foundation charter decreed on July 25th 1399 and granted by Dymitr from Goraj. After Dymitr’s death, the village was transferred to Beata from Bożydar’s hands. Turobin was granted a charter on March 1st, 1420 by King Władysław Jagiełło’s office in Sandomierz.

In 1499, Katarzyna – the daughter of Andrzej Świdwa, Turobin’s owner – married Łukasz Górka coming from a mighty family from Greater Poland. Turobin belonged to the Górkas until 1601. In 1504, the town was completely destroyed by the Tartars[1.1]. In Turobin in 1574, a Calvinistic school was founded by Stanisław Górka.

Between the years 1601-1795, Turobin was under the property of the Zamojski family. The first owner from the Zamojski family was Jan Zamojski[1.2], the Chancellor. In 1618, thanks to the Zamojski family, townsmen were granted a charter which allowed them to brew beer and honey[1.3]. In October 1648, the town was plundered and damaged by the Ukrainian army led by Bohdan Khmelnytsky.

In 1795, Turobin was under Austrian rule, in 1809 it became part of the Duchy of Warsaw, and from 1815 it was in the Kingdom of Poland. In 1895, there was a fire in Turobin, which destroyed 103 houses. During the January Uprising in 1863, numerous inhabitants of Turobin fought against Russian army. In 1869 Turobin was deprived of its charter.  

During World War I Turobin was on fire twice: in 1914 and 1915[1.4]. After the outbreak of World War II, on the fourth day of the September Campaign refugees from western Poland started to come to Turobin. On the 16th of September 1939, an infantry Polish regiment staying in Turobin tried to get through Żółkiewka to Lublin in vain. On 23rd September 1939 the Soviet army entered Turobin and remained for 2 weeks.

Turobin was liberated from the German occupation by the 1st Ukrainian Front on 27th July 1944[1.5].

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