The settlement was established in about 1270 around a hunting palace built by Duke Władysław Opolski. In 1300 Lubliniec was granted a charter. The town’s location was favorable since it was situated on the trade route between Silesia and Lesser Poland. Since the first half of the 14th century Lubliniec was under the Czech rule and suffered the same political fate as the whole Silesia. Until 1532 the town belonged to the Piasts of Opole. Since 1742 Lubliniec was a part of Prussia.

In the interwar period, Lubliniec was a battlefield during the Silesian Uprisings (1919-1921). As a result of the plebiscite in 1922 Lubliniec was incorporated into Poland.

During WWII the town was occupied by the Germans since September1939 and in January 1945 was taken over by Soviet army. Later it came back under Polish authority..