The book entitled I Am Placing a Stone… The Fate of the Kęty Jews has just been published

The book was written by Tadeusz Dryja – a member of the Kęty Admirers Society and the editorial team of the Almanach Kęcki magazine. The author has been gathering information on the Jews of Kęty for many years. He talked to senior citizens and consulted the collections of the Yad Vashem Institute and the Virtual Shtetl website.

I Am Placing a Stone…The Fate of the Kęty Jews is not a typical historical research document. Tadeusz Dryja invites his readers to take a walking tour through the streets of Kęty, shows them some places and tells them stories of the people connected with these places. The great asset of the book is the visual power and “freshness” of its narration. The author was born in the 1950s but he depicts the Kęty shtetl as if he had seen it the day before.

It has to be noted that Jews described by Tadeusz Dryja are not an anonymous community. These are the people who, before the outbreak of World War II, were experiencing everyday concerns and joys identical to those which are being experienced by the contemporary inhabitants of Kęty today.

The fact that Tadeusz Dryja’s several-yeas-long efforts were needed by today’s inhabitants of Kęty has been proved by the book’s success. Within several days, almost the entire edition of 300 copies has been sold out.

Source: own information