The settlement Chrapkowice was first mentioned in 1204[1.1]. In 1275 the settlement was granted town rights under the Magdeburg Law[1.2]. The town’s location by important north to south and east to west trade routes had a positive influence on its development.

Since 1327 Krapkowice was under Czech rule and shared the political fate of Silesia. The population in 1400 was 1,600 inhabitants[1.3]. In 1428 the town was plundered by the Hussites. The castle and defense walls with three towers, as well as a wooden bridge over the Odra river, which connected Krapkowice with the nearby town Otmet situated on the river’s right bank, were built at the beginning of the 16th century.

In 1534 the town’s population amounted to 400 people. Until 1562 Krapkowice belonged to the Opole Principality, but when the hereditary line of the Opole princes expired, the town passed under Habsburg rule. During the 30 Years War (1618-1648) the town was destroyed. From 1742 Krapkowice belonged to Prussia. The town’s German name was Krappitz. In 1758 there were 628 inhabitants. In 1772 a big fire destroyed the whole town[1.4] but it was quickly restored and in 1834 the population of Krapkowice increased to 2,157 inhabitants[1.5].

In 1841, 1852 and 1854 the town again suffered severe damages from fires. After a long period of stagnation the economy of Krapkowice finally began to develop at the end of the 19th century. It was connected to the war contributions France was obliged to pay to Prussia after the war of 1871. Thanks to those funds a new bridge was built over the Odra River in 1887, and a railway line was opened in 1896. In the years 1890-1896 the Odra River was trained and locks which facilitating river navigation were built on it. In 1895 the number of inhabitants amounted to 2,758.
Krapkowice did not suffer from damage during Word War II. In January 1945 the town was occupied by the Soviet Army, then Krapkowice was incorporated into Poland.


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