The Jewish cemetery in Trzebiatów was located close to the army barracks at the crossroads of Kaiserstraße (present-day II Pułku Ułanów Street) and Thaddenstraße (present-day Sportowa Street)[1.1]. Currently, a sports field and a dead-end street without any name are located on the left side of former Thaddenstraße. The cemetery was situated directly between this small street and the backyards of the buildings on Kaiserstraße. Today it is a rectangular area, overgrown with weeds and grass, through which a path, being shortcuts from II Pułku Ułanów Street to Sportowa Street, runs. The area of the old cemetery is the same as it had been before Second World War II broke out, i.e. it has 0.13 hectares. The last known burial took place there in 1945. Around 1970 the area of the old cemetery was leveled and turned into a children’s playground. No signs of the 3-meter high wall that stood around the cemetery remain, nor of the beautiful gate that was still there as late as 1960. All the gravestones were completely destroyed by the Nazis, and no signs of them can be found, although data from 1991 state that at the time 20 fragments of granite, limestone, and sandstone tombstones could still be found there, all of them having German inscriptions, and dating between the 19th and 20th centuries[1.2]. An extract of an article about the old Jewish cemetery in Trzebiatow by Dr. Wincenty Raczkowski of Tymień (Timmenhagen) has been cited in the reference book. A photograph of what the area of the cemetery looks like today can also be found in the reference book[1.3].


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