The first records about the settlement of Niemce date back to 1590. At that time it was part of the village of Porąbka and belonged to the bishops of Cracow. From 1795 Niemce was covered by the Prussian partition, from 1807 to the Duchy of Warsaw, and from 1815 to the Kingdom of Poland. In 1814 r. hard coal deposits were discovered there, and the first coal mine was opened. In 1822 zinc-works were established in Niemce.

During the Second World War, in September 1939 Niemce was occupied by the German army, and in January 1945 by the Soviet army.

In 1967 Niemce was annexed to the town of Kazimierz Górniczy as its district. In 1975 Kazimierz Górniczy was annexed to the town of Sosnowiec.