The Olesno Synagogue was built in 1889, on the place of the older wooden synagogue (from 1814), which has burnt down in 1887. The corner stone was laid down on October 5, 1887 and the construction works started in 1888. Rabbi Blumfeld consecrated the new synagogue in 1889. During “Kristalnacht” from 9th to 10th November of 1938 the Nazis (SA fighting squad from Kluczbork) burned down the synagogue. The fire brigade was not allowed to extinguish the fire. The firemen were only allowed to guard the neighboring buildings from catching fire from the synagogue. The firemen made the rescue of one of the Torah scrolls possible. The scroll was later used for years after the war in the Manila synagogue (Philippines).

The synagogue was located at Wielkie Przedmieście, opposite today’s Zespół Szkół Zawodowych (Vocational Schools Complex- at today’s Wielkie Przedmieście Street). The facade of the building of Dutch red brick was highly ornamental. There were small towers with lanterns inside located in the corners of the portal. Three onion-shaped domes finished the building.

There was a guard’s house at the synagogue. The Kahal house is located at the former Grosse Vorstadt Street.