Beata Misztal

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Krzysztof Banach
Przemysław Jaczewski
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5th August 2014
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Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN
Poles Active in the Protection of Jewish Heritage


Polish-Jewish relations, Education, Cultural life.

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Interlocutor biogram

Beata Misztal was born on 20 November 1965 in Chmielnik. She spent her childhood and youth in Kielce where - together with her family - she resides till this day. Her mother was a teacher, while her father was in the military. She takes interest in music after her father. She graduated from the State Music School and the College of Education in Kielce, specialising in music education.

Since 2004, she has worked at the Youth Community Centre, where she runs music activities with adolescents. When teaching music, she often refers to threads linked to multiculturalism, and particularly to Jewish culture and music.

Since 2006, Beata Misztal co-organises meetings with Jewish Culture in Chmielnik, and currently she is the artistic director of the event. She is also an initiator of events connected to Klezmer music and Jewish song, for instance, the Youth Jewish Song Festival in Chmielnik and Lelowo.

Recording circumstances description

The meeting took place in one of the rooms of the Youth Community Centre in Kielce.

Recording summary

  1. Childhood, education, music school, 0:00:20
  2. Studying in Kielce, starting a family, 0:02:41
  3. Interest in playing in a band, audition to join a Klezmer band, 0:05:16
  4. The “Chmielnikers” band, Meetings with Jewish Culture, 0:10:14
  5. Grandparents, Jews in Gnojno before WWII, 0:12:40
  6. Holidays at her grandparents and visits to Chmielnik, 0:16:28
  7. Parents’ work, 0:17:38
  8. Growing interest in Jewish culture, organisation of the Jewish Culture Festival in Chmielnik, 0:18:24
  9. Musical inspirations, Leopold Kozłowski, meeting with him, 0:20:10
  10. Jewish locations in Kielce, no knowledge on the Jewish past of the town, 0:22:00
  11. Working at the Cultural Centre, activities connected to multiculturalism and Jewish topics, 0:30:14
  12. Musical inspiration, repertoire of the “Chmielnikers” band, “Polonization” of the Klezmer music, Polish language in Jewish music, aspect of reaching a wide audience, 0:35:05
  13. Members of the “Chmielnikers” band, 0:47:34
  14. Reaction of the family to activities linked to Jewish music, 0:49:27
  15. Jewish Song Youth Festival, organisation of Meetings with Jewish Culture in Chmielnik, framework programme of the Meetings, festival guests and the “positive” version of Jewish culture, mass as part of the programme, cooperation with the local authorities, 0:50:30
  16. Synagogue in Chmielnik, “Świętokrzyski Sztetl”, 0:58:12
  17. Jewish locations in Kielce and Chmielnik, Jewish property in Kielce, 01:00:37
  18. Family and children and interest in Jewish culture, 01:03:53
  19. Visit and giving concerts in Israel, meeting a woman who emigrated to Israel from Poland, 01:06:03
  20. Visits of Israelis in Poland, contemporary interest in Jewish culture in Poland, 01:10:49
  21. Polish and Jewish relations and return to the dialogue about the common history, “difficult periods” in the common history (Kielce Pogrom), 01:14:47
  22. Plans relating to future editions of the festival in Chmielnik, 01:19:22
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