Simon Rose

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Józef Markiewicz
Przemysław Jaczewski
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16th August 2017
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POLIN Museum of the History of the Polish Jews
March’68 Participants and Witnesses

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Simon Rose was born in Stockholm in 1988 into a family of Jewish immigrants from Poland. His grandmother survived the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp and his mother was involved in the 1968 student protests. Upon arriving in Sweden, Simon’s family was first in a refugee camp in the south of the country but, after taking up university study, his mother moved to Stockholm.

Simon Rose grew up in the suburbs of Stockholm as one of three children. He graduated in law from Stockholm University and works in the Administrative Court in that city. Beginning in the 1990’s, he has visited Poland several times and, for a certain period, he also studied Polish language. Simon Rose was brought up in the Swedish tradition. However, in recent years, the whole family has felt an increasing need to explore their Jewish roots and to partially return to Jewish traditions.

Recording summary

  1. Growing up, studying, work; 00:00:24
  2. Simons’ mother’s history, his mother’s emigration from Poland to Sweden; 00:01:22
  3. Simons’ interest in Poland, his knowledge of Polish history; 00:03:33
  4. His grandmother describing life in Poland before the War, her pre-War experiences of antisemitism; 00:05:17
  5. Visits to Poland; 00:06:18
  6. His own identity and that of his mother; 00:08:35
  7. His neighbouring family – Jewish emigrants from Poland; 00:11:42
  8. Stay in Warsaw, learning the Polish language, visiting Jewish Warsaw and visiting other places connected with his family; 00:13:27
  9. His family’s religious observance, his attitude towards Jewish holidays and traditions; 00:19:22His own identity and that of his family; his desire to regain his Jewish identity; 00:22:35
  10. His relationship with his mother, the influence of his visit to Poland on family ties, his visit to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum; 00:32:58
  11. His grandmother’s time in Auschwitz-Birkenau, his grandmother’s autobiography; 00:36:43
  12. His mother’s education; the beginnings of his mother’s stay in Sweden; 00:42:18
  13. The attitude towards immigrants in Sweden, Polish Jews in Sweden, antisemitism in Sweden, the political situation in Sweden and the presence of right-wing extremists on the political scene; 00:46:19
  14. His family’s return to its Jewish roots; 01:09:16
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