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Adam Sandauer

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Józef Markiewicz
Przemysław Jaczewski
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12th October 2017
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POLIN Museum of the History of the Polish Jews
March’68 Participants and Witnesses

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Interlocutor biogram

His parents were Erna Rosenstein and Artur Sandauer. As a secondary school student, he co-created a petition addressed to the UN Association of Friends condemning aggression in international relations. In 1968, he graduated from upper secondary school. In the same year, he was arrested on account of destruction of party emblems and beaten at the militia office.

In 1968, he started studying at a university and was suspended for a year after several months; a criminal procedure was instigated against him and he was arrested multiple times. He was conscripted into the military but released from duty because of false medical documentation. While studying at university, he created and distributed flyers and raised money to help the arrested and their families.

Recording circumstances description

The interview was recorded at the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw.

Recording summary

  1. Speech at the Economic Forum in Krynica; emigration of the interviewee’s grandmother; reflection on the past of Jews in Poland; 00:00:22
  2. The end of Poland as a multinational country; 00:10:58
  3. The interviewee’s childhood; sense of otherness; holidays celebrated at the interviewee’s home; 00:13:48
  4. Awareness of Jewish roots; the arrest and beating in March 1968; 00:16:15
  5. Participation in the March events; 00:18:51
  6. Suspension of student rights; conscription and dismissal from military service; 00:25:12
  7. Reasons for the interviewee’s social and political involvement; views on the current social and political situation; 00:28:34
  8. The emigration of 1968: emigration of the intelligentsia, breakdown of the social life in Poland; 00:31:36
  9. Poland after the March events; the interviewee’s identity after March 1968; 00:33:11
  10. Views on the anti-Semitic campaign in 1968; contemporary anti-Semitism; 00:39:28
  11. The case of Luna Bristiger; 00:44:55
  12. Help provided to the arrested in 1968; 00:51:56
  13. Attitude of the interviewee’s parents towards his social and political activity; 00:52:54
  14. Distribution of flyers; 00:55:23
  15. Farewells at the Warszawa Gdańska station; lack of contact with the friends who emigrated; 00:58:54
  16. Gomułka’s speech; the parents’ hostility towards the interviewee’s activity; 01:03:37
  17. The Polish political scene and Polish-Jewish relations; 01:06:57
  18. Reflection on the significance of the March 1968 events for Polish society; 01:13:07
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