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Marian i Tadeusz Wójcik

Interlocutor name:
Marian i Tadeusz
Interlocutor surname:
Józef Markiewicz
Józef Markiewicz
Catalogue number:
Recording date:
25th November 2016
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POLIN Museum of the History of the Polish Jews
Poles Active in the Protection of Jewish Heritage

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Interlocutor biogram

The brothers Marian and Tadeusz Wójcik come from Marianowice, from a family of seven children. Their father played in a Jewish band of the Simsie brothers, from whom he learned Jewish obertas. He passed on this knowledge to his sons, who still play Simsie music to this day. They live in Jaszowice.

Recording circumstances description

The interview was recorded at the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw on the occasion of the concert of interviewees at the “Kolberg po Żydowsku” festival.

Recording summary

  1. The origin of the music of the interviewee’s father; the situation of the family before the war; 00:00:51
  2. The Simsie band; 00:06:26
  3. The family’s situation during the war; 00:06:42
  4. Jewish music; memories of war; 00:09:10
  5. The Simsie brothers; learning to play an instrument; 00:13:17
  6. Jewish musicians after the war; 00:14:27
  7. Characteristics of the Simsie brothers’ music and the diversity of contemporary music; 00:16:00
  8. The illness of the interviewee’s father; 00:18:50
  9. First performances of the interviewees; 00:19:44
  10. Marian's accident: the need to give up playing the violin and start playing the harmonica; 00:20:37
  11. Repertoire of the concert in the POLIN Museum; 00:25:06
  12. Jewish obertas and songs; 00:25:42
  13. The interviewees’ place of residence; 00:27:10
  14. Marianowice before the war; 00:30:28
  15. The Jewish community in pre-war Przytyk; 00:30:53
  16. Jewish teachers; 00:31:39
  17. Learning music; 00:32:59
  18. Hiring the band for weddings; a Jewish wedding; 00:33:33
  19. Father playing in the Simsie band; 00:34:57
  20. Jewish friends of the interviewees’ father; 00:42:58
  21. The interviewees’ farm; 00:44:17
  22. Concerts of the interviewees’ band in the past; 00:50:21
  23. Contemporary concerts of the interviewees’ band; 00:54:53
  24. Interest in the interviewees’ music; 00:59:36
  25. Announcements of dances; 01:00:18
  26. Name of the interviewees’ band; 01:00:58
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