Adam Bartosz

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Krzysztof Bielawski
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Recording date:
3rd May 2016
Recording location:
Nowy Sącz
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POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews
Poles Active in the Protection of Jewish Heritage


Communist Poland, Polish-Jewish relations, Jewish tradition, Commemoration, Cultural life.

Interlocutor biogram

Adam Bartosz was born in 1947 in Zielona Góra. He studied ethnology and museology. In the years 1980–2012 he was the director of the District Museum in Tarnów. He is engaged in research and popularization of Jewish and Roma culture. He is the co-founder and president of the Tarnów Committee for the Protection of Monuments of Jewish Culture, the originator and organizer of the Galician Jews Remembrance Days "Galicjaner Shtetl", the International Roma Memorial Camp, and the author of many publications in the field of history and ethnography. For his work and community activities, he has received, among others: the Officer's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta and the Special Award of the POLIN Museum.

Recording circumstances description

The conversation was recorded at a Hasidic centre in Nowy Sącz.

Recording summary

1. Childhood and youth in Zielona Góra, origin of parents, settling in Tarnów, ethnographic studies, research on Roma culture; 00:00:01
2. Creation of a Roma exhibition in the Regional Museum in Tarnów, an exhibition about the Roma in 1979; 00:02:59
3. Establishing contacts with Roma people, relations with Roma people; 00:04:00
4. The beginnings of interest in Jewish history and culture, a museum exhibition on Jewish topics in 1982, the availability of knowledge on Jewish topics during the Polish People's Republic, contacts with Jews from Tarnów; 00:06:05
5. Establishment and activities of the Committee for the Care of Monuments of Jewish Culture, care for the Jewish cemetery in Tarnów, publishing activities, members of the Committee; 00:10:04
6. Availability of knowledge about Jewish history and culture in the times of the Polish People's Republic; 00:13:45
7. Restoring the memory of Jews as a mission in life, getting contemporary youth interested in Jewish issues; 00:16:06
8. Exhibitions about the history and culture of Roma and Jews in the Polish People's Republic, the interest of the Security Service, the reactions of the authorities; 00:17:37
9. Contacts with the Jewish Historical Institute, translation of the Tarnow Sefer Zikaron book, contacts with social activists and researchers (including Monika and Stanisław Krajewski, Marcin Wodziński, Jan Jagielski); 00:20:38
10. Acquaintance with Jews from Tarnów, invitation to Israel; 00:22:53
11. Jews living in Tarnów in the second half of the 20th century (Chaim Gruszów, Abraham Luksenberg, Abraham Ladner), subscription to "Fołks Sztyme", journalistic activity of the interviewee; 00:25:58
12. Activities of the Committee for the Protection of Monuments of Jewish Culture, concerts of Sława Przybylska and Gołda Tencer, Days of Remembrance of the Jews of Tarnów, Days of Remembrance of Galician Jews "Galicjaner Shtetl"; 00:27:39
13. Acquaintance with Duvid Singer, work at the Jewish cemetery in Pilzno; 00:29:32
14. Commemorating the Jews murdered in Zbylitowska Góra; 00:30:46
15. Cooperation with Duvid Singer, commemoration of graves in Mielec, Gorlice and Warzyce, reconstruction of the Jewish cemetery in Brzostek and the importance of the project for the inhabitants of the town, grave of Holocaust victims in Kołaczyce; 00:34:39
16. Taking care of the Jewish cemetery in Tarnów, cooperation with the Penitentiary in Tarnów; 00:37:20

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