Revolutions and utopias

David Ben-Gurion
Israeli politician, activist of the Zionist movement, the first Prime Minister of Israel. Born in Płońsk.
David Ben Gurion’s family home in Płońsk
The founding father of Israel grew up in a tenement house in Płońsk, now known as "Bengurionówka."
Janusz Korczak
Varsavian, paediatrician, writer, pedagogue. The director of the Jewish Children’s Orphanage in Warsaw and the author of a number of children’s novels, including "King Matt the First".
L. L. Zamenhof
Linguist, physician, creator of Esperanto born in Białystok.
Ludwik Zamenhof: a fascinating Jewish intellectual
Text by Prof. Walter Żelazny outlining the profile of this world-renowned outstanding figure.
Zamenhof: Hilelism is the most important of all my work that I have done to this day
One of the most important text by Zamenhof is a letter to Emil Javal, dated September 24, 1905. It contains an overview of the author's doctrine, called Hilelism.
„Mały Przegląd”. Children to children 
“Mały Przegląd is different from all the newspapers in the world” - Korczak wrote about his little-great project. 
Marek Edelman – biogram
Edelman - one of the leaders of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, cardiologist, Polish social and political activist of Jewish origin.
Marek Edelman. More conscience and more courage
To the end of his life he talked not only about what he himself had experienced, but also about the experiences of those in need here and now.
Raphael Lemkin
Lawyer, coiner of the term “genocide,” author of the draft Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, also known as the “Lemkin Convention”.
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