The village of Adamów was chartered as the town of Jadaromin in May 1539 based on the privilege granted by King Zygmunt Stary and initially it belonged to the Rusiecki family. Around 1543 the town took on its current name. In 1545 a parish was established and a wooden church was built here. Later Adamów changed hands and belonged to the Firlej family, Krasieński family in the 18th-19th century and then to the Czartoryski family. After the collapse of the January Uprising, Adamów lost its town privileges in 1869. During the September Campaign the municipality became a battlefield of the battle of Kock. In 1943, as a result of a great fire, the whole center of Adamów was consumed by flames, including the building of the Municipality Office and numerous dwelling houses. From 1975 on Adamów Municipality was incorporated into Siedlce Province and only after the 1999 administrative reform did it return to Lublin Province. At present, the village has about 2,100 inhabitants.[1.1]