The Jewish cemetery in Brzeg at today’s Makarskiego St. was established in 1801. The sale contract of the land intended for the cemetery, was signed in 1798 but the purchase was concluded not till 1863. Despite it, the first burial took place in 1801 [1.1] whereas the last one was carried out in 1937.

In the area of 0.5ha, about 170 tombstones survived, the oldest one of which dates back to 1806. The cemetery grounds are fenced and tidied up.

In 2004, the cemetery was cleaned by local school students. At that time, the fence was fixed.

Monuments registry no 235/89 from 28.12.1989.

  • [1.1] M. Wodziński, Hebrajskie inskrypcje na Śląsku XIII-XVIII wieku, Wrocław 1996.