The Revisionist Zionist Organisation had its headquarters at 3/5 Wolności Avenue. While the party had an office, it had no salaried staff. It had about 150 members. Szmul Niemirowski President, Icek Wajsman was Vice-President, Herman Hecberg was Treasurer, Henryk Szpic was Secretary. Board members included Mordka Wajnsztok, Tobiasz Zylberszac and Szmul Frydman.

Revisionist Zionists represented  the radical wing of the Zionist movement which became part of the World Zionist Organisation (WZO) in 1931. The same year, the Revisionists became independent and later, in 1935, they seceded from the WZO and formed a new organisation called the New  Zionist Organisation. Their aim was to create a Jewish state in Palestine. As opposed to General Zionists, they supported armed combat and military training[1.1].