Dos Naye Vort ("The New Word") was the voice of Częstochowa's Bund and left wing Poale Zion, and was the first Jewish socialist publication in Częstochowa. Until April 1920, it was edited by R. Federman. Even though it was printed in Yiddish, short articles also appeared in Polish. The paper contained advertising from both Polish and Jewish businesses.

Following the outbreak of the Polish-Bolshevik war, when the government suspended almost all Bund publications throughout Poland, for a short time, it became available throughout the country.

From 15th October 1920 to 20th February 1921, Dos Naye Vort took on the role of the central organ of the Bund. At that time, it was edited by B.Mendelsberg, who came from Warsaw. Only the last two pages of the paper were allocated to local issues. However, this change resulted in a massive drop in its Częstochowa readership.

The return to its role as a local paper gained back old readers and the previous editor. A significant part of the paper was devoted to cultural-educational issues. It achieved a spectacular success (along with other influential organisations) achieving Yiddish language equality within Częstochowa's Jewish institutions. The paper was probably published up until 1925[1.1]]].

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