Province: Greater Poland Voivodeship / Poznań Voivodeship (before 1939)
County: Koło / Koło (before 1939)
Community: Dąbie / Dąbie (before 1939)
Other names: Chełmno [official language]; Chełmno [English]; Kulmhof an der Nehr / Хелмно [German / Russian]; חלמנו על הנר [Hebrew]
GPS: 52.1540° N / 18.7230° E, 52°9'14" N / 18°43'22" E


Chełmno extermination camp (German: Vernichtungslager Kulmhof) – built during World War II, was the first of the Nazi German extermination camps and was situated 74 kilometres north of Łódź, near the village of Chełmno nad Nerem (Kulmhof an der Nehr in German).

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