The first charitable institution in Ciechanowiec collecting voluntary donations for the poor was established in 1904. The kehilla financed the construction of the Jewish Community House, called “A Sacred Place”, in the vicinity of the synagogue. It offered accommodation and financial help for the poor. In the town there was another charitable institution, run by Gittel Lazarus, which raised money for assistance to poor widows and orphans, as well as for dowries of poor Jewish girls. Gittel Lazarus was also involved in collecting food for the poor staying at the Jewish Community House. A Jewish orphanage and poorhouse were operating in the city as well.

In the interwar period several organizations gave non-commercial loans to Jewish merchants and craftsmen. One of them was the Credit Association (Towarzystwo Kredytowe) run by Chaja Wolf, the wife of a well-known merchant from Ciechanowiec, Samuel Wolf, in cooperation with other rich manufacturers. There were also two organizations offering medical services and health care: Ahavat Achim ("Brotherly Love)", and Linas Hacedek. [1.1].