The new Jewish cemetery in Dabrowa Bialostocka is located in Jana Pawla II Street. According to local inhabitants the old cemetery was situated near the marker square, however  no visible traces rwere preserved until the present day.

The access to the cemetery is not easy, it is visible from the street, but there are yards with buildings along its walls. It is possible to get to the main gate through the yard of a tyre repair shop. The cemetery is surrounded by a wall from four sides. The gate remains closed all the time, whereas the key is available in the town office.

Several dozens of gravestones were preserved. There is a granite monument behind the gate, decorated with an engraving of the star of David and the inscription in Polish and Hebrew: "To commemorate the Jews from Dabrowa, buried in this cemetery and in places of extermination, deported in the years 1939-1945. The wall was founded by: Rena Holsztejn, Lillly Gritz, M. Grabiński"

The cemetery is covered by thick vegetation and the access to some gravestones is very difficult.