According to the legend, in 984 Bishop Wojciech stopped in the Dobrodzień settlement when he was on his way to Cracow. Nevertheless, the first records of Dobrodzień are from the year 1267.

The settlement was situated on a trade route from Silesia to Little Poland, which contributed to its development.

In 1327 Prince Władysław of Bytom paid tribute to the King of Czech. From then on Dobrodzień was under the Czech dominion, sharing the political fate of Silesia. In 1384 Dobrodzień was granted town privileges under the Magdeburg Law.[[ref:|I. Osadnik, Dobrodzień. Monografia miasta 1374–1939 w świetle literatury niemieckiej i polskiej. Dobrodzień 2004, p. 11]]. Nearly a hundred years later, in 1452, a castle was built surrounded by ramparts and palisades.

After the heirless death of King Louis II Jagiellończyk of Czech and Hungary, Dobrodzień fell under the Habsburg’s rule when in 1526 Archduke Ferdinand Habsburg of Austria succeeded to the throne.

During the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) the town was plundered and destroyed several times.[[ref:|A. Franczok, Władcy i właściciele Dobrodzienia [in:] Echo Dobrodzienia. Dobrodzień 1987, s. 7.]]

In 1742 Dobrodzień was incorporated into Prussia. In the second half of the 18th century a foundry was built in the town. Dobrodzień, however, did not manage to endure the competition from the industrial centers of Silesia. In 1846 the city was destroyed by a great fire. [1.1].

In 1913 a new railway line was opened, which helped with the further economic development of the town. The city was overrun by Polish rebels during the Third Silesian Uprising.[1.2] Nevertheless, as a result of a plebiscite, Dobrodzień remained within the German borders. In 1925 Dobrodzień had a population of 17,100 thousand citizens.

In the January, 1945, the town was invaded by the Soviet Army. Almost 20 percent of the town buildings were destroyed during the fights. The town was later annexed by Poland.

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