A settlement and an early medieval town existed in the neighborhood of the present town of Gostynin in the 6th and 7th centuries. Gostynin itself has appeared in written sources since 1279. In 1329, it was first mentioned as the castellan’s capital and that of the surrounding lands.

In 1382, Prince Siemowit IV gave Chełm town privileges equal to those held by the town of Płock at that time. King Casimir IV Jagiellon reapproved the privileges, as well as granting new ones. Sigismund I repeated the actions of his predecessors in 1520. Tsar Vasili IV of Russia, together with his brothers, Dmitriy and Ivan, were held in Gostynin Castle prison from 1611. The town benefited from its location on the trade route from Pomorze to Ruthenia.

In 1565, there were 256 houses and 187 craftsmen in the town. In 1660, only 20 houses remained, and there were only 5 families settled in an area of 50 włóka (a Polish historical unit of area). The town then began to regenerate. In 1777, 43 houses existed, and their number increased to 89. Later, in 1809, the town suffered from an army incursion. The damage caused by the army was made more severe by fire.

In 1820, there were 105 houses in Gostynin. This development was accelerated when 105 German drapers were brought to the town in 1824. New factories were founded: a cloth processing manufacturer (folusz), a cloth cutting manufacturer (postrzygalnia sukna) and a dyer’s. Two brickyards, two tanneries and drapers’ workshops were built.

In 1925, a railway connection was built, linking Gostynin with Płock and Kutno. In 1928, there were three hundred workshops functioning in the town, one third of which constituted shoemakering and tailoring works. During the Second World War, 15% of the buildings were destroyed. After the war, the electro-technical industry, which already existed in the town, was developed, together with the food and building industry[1.1].

From the 15th to the 18th century: the Kingdom of Poland, Rawskie provincePrussia, province of Southern Prussia, Piotrków department, the county of Gostynin

1807-1815 the Duchy of Warsaw

1815-1918 Russia (the Kingdom of Poland)

1918-1939 Poland, Warszawskie province, the county of Gostynin

1939-1945 Germany (the Third Reich), “Kraj Warty” (‘the Country of Warta’) province, Inowrocław regency, the county of Gostynin

1945-1975 Warszawskie province

1975-1988 Płockie province

Since 1999 - Mazowieckie province, the county of Gostynin

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