In November 1940, the occupation authorities created a ghetto in Grójec. It was situated in the area of Stokowa, Targowa, Mogielnicka, Lewiczyńska and Rynek Streets. A synagogue and Jewish kehilla buildings were to be found within the Jewish district. The small area contained a few thousands of people of Jewish extraction, including those displaced from other towns and refugees who came here from such places as Aleksandrów Kujawski, Sierpc or Włocławek.

Liquidation of the ghetto took place a few months later, towards the end of February 1941. Its inhabitants were deported to Warszawa, from where they were sent to gas chambers in Treblinka. Only a group of craftsmen was left in Grójec, however, they were also annihilated in a mass execution in Dębówka, near Góra Kalwaria.